Coping with Anxiety — And Unrelenting Advise on ‘Positive Thinking’

A few words, of anger and frustration, in response to everyday advise on coping with the uncertainty of the times we’re living in.

Whatever happens is meant to be

(doesn’t help when you don’t believe in man made ideas of God)

You worry too much, try and be positive,

(is difficult when your worst fears have come true more times than you can count now)

Everything will be okay, just calm down

(but where’s that ‘calm button’ that I am beginning to think I am born without?)

Advise, words of wisdom and reassurance

….because my anxiety is a ‘disorder’ to you.

and because a ‘disorder’ means my worries are ‘unnecessary’, ‘unreal’ an ‘over reaction’ in fact

Because engaging and understanding with another’s fears is a greater effort,

and words of advise, which help you feel better

smart and confident in fact,

to me mean nothing

more than simple dismissal of the person I am.